Experiment p5749

Mechanical Data
mechadata_p5749.mat (79 Mb) Mechanical data in matlab format after applying calibrations and removing offsets
p5156_RunSheet.pdf Run Sheet for this experiment

Acoustic Data
Matlab file for syncing acoustic data with mechanical data
SyncFile.mat (16 Mb)
The mat file SyncFile.mat contains one important vector: acTime, which gives the beginning of each acoustic waveform that was collected.
Acoustic settings

The mat file p5749_acsettings.mat contains the acquisition parameters for the acoustic that you need to reconstruct the waveforms.
Acoustics files for the one run
p5749acfiles1.tar (98 Gb) 1111 files

p5749acfiles2.tar (98 Gb) 1111 files

p5749acfiles3.tar (98 Gb) 1111 files

p5749acfiles4.tar (37 Gb) 426 files

p5749acfiles5.tar (40 Gb) 555 files

catalog_p5749_100_1000_2_freeze.mat (15 Gb)
Catalog of AE events (a structure).