Experiment p4678

Mechanical Data
p4678mS5l (410 Mb) Raw mechanical data in xlook format
p4678_r xlook script to reduce raw data. This was used to produce p4678_data
p4678_data (540 Mb) Mechanical data produced with the xlook script p4678_r

Catalog of stick-slip events
analysis.ipyn python script to analyze data in this file: p4678_basic_catalog.txt
p4678_basic_catalog.txt Catalog of lab earthquakes in this run

Acoustic Data
p4678_run1_AE.mat Matlab file with acquisition parameters for the Verasonics recording system
p4678acData.tar (127 Gb) Acoustics files, files each of which is 20Mb
acTime.txt Acoustic data time vector to sync with mechanical data

Data from this experiment are used in this paper:
Hulbert, C., Rouet-Leduc, B., Johnson, P. A., Ren, C. X., Riviere, J., Bolton, D. C., and C. Marone, Machine learning predictions illuminate similarity of fast and slow laboratory earthquakes, Nat. Geosc., 12, 69-74, 10.1038/s41561-018-0272-8, 2019.